Remembering 9/11


According to the Rasmussen Poll, most Americans believed that after 9/11, the nation was better. People were united and helpful. Today, over 66% of Americans believe that because of the 9/11 attacks, the nation is actually worse.

September 11th will forever be etched in United States history as one of the most atrocious acts of terror upon Americans. In some way, we have all been affected by the events of that fateful day. We are a changed people. We view the world differently now than we did the morning before those planes crashed into New York’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Regardless of how one feels about the nation after 9/11 or the change it has brought to one’s life, we can all agree that lessons have been learned in the past ten years, helping prevent another attack of this magnitude. It has also taught us to view life quite a bit differently.

September 11 Taught Us About The Brevity of Life

One of the most horrific photos of 9/11 for me is the photo of a man standing on top of one of the buildings. I am not sure if this image is real or a hoax but it does demonstrate one poignant fact. Those in the World Trade Center Towers woke up that morning expecting to enjoy the sights of New York City or another normal work day. They did not plan to die! Whether this man perished or not, we know that thousands did that day. Office workers expecting another mundane day at the work, tourists celebrating a wonderful work of architecture, soldiers logistically planning our country’s defenses, airline passengers on their way to see a loved one- these and many other lives were lost unexpectedly on 9/11.

If life can end at any time, should that not motivate us to reach the lost at any cost? God is not calling you to win souls for Him. He’s commanding you to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” The Holy Spirit has been given to us so that we can be witnesses! Life will end and sometimes unexpectedly. Don’t squander the opportunities God brings your way.

September 11 Taught Us To Be A Vigilant People

Love it or loathe it, the adjustments to American travel are acts of vigilance against the enemy. If 9/11 happens again, it won’t be because we were not vigilant! America’s carefree travel life has been shaken and now we are asked to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Can you imagine what churches would be like if every Christian was being “sober and vigilant” because of Satan? The pettiness that creeps into our hearts and the vain imaginations that flood our minds would almost be non-existent. It’s simply amazing how Christians allow Satan free reign in their lives! There’s no reason for it and moreover, it’s sin. It is completely disobeying the Lord’s command to be sober and vigilant.

These two are a few lessons I learned from 9/11. There are many more but these have helped me in my life to make decisions that draw me closer to Him. Life is short- be a soul winner. Satan is around- be sober and vigilant, staying ever so close to Christ.

How about you? What lessons did you learn from 9/11? How has it changed your life?


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