Happy Birthday, Amy!

I still cannot believe that God loved me so much that He not only saved me, He also provided me with a wonderful helpmeet, best friend, companion, fellow laborer, and wife. I truly found a good thing when God brought her into my life.

Though September 11 is marred by the events of those horrendous terrorist attacks, it is this day 36 years ago when God made this world better by adding my wife to the population. Why and how does she make everything better? Allow me to share…

A– her attitude. Perhaps one of the most difficult ministries in any church is the nursery ministry. Yet Amy serves with joy, in spite of the criticism and junk she’s had to deal with. You can always see a smile on her face. And if you’ve been around her any length of time, you’ve heard her contagious laugh!

M– her manners. I don’t know if this is due to her being raised in the south or in a military home. But my wife has good manners. Always saying, “thank you,” “please,” “sir,” “ma’am,” I’m thankful that my children can learn this valuable trait from her.

Y– her yielding to the Lord’s will. There may be times she’d rather do something another way but the conversation always begins and ends with, “Lord willing,” or “If it’s the Lord’s will.” I love that about her!

These are just three very simple but influential traits God has given Amy. And on her birthday, I want to thank and give praise to God who gave us a woman who has enriched our lives in so many ways. My life, in many ways, is complete because God gave me such a wonderful wife. Happy Birthday, Amy!



Sleeping on the Job

It has been months since our original family site http://www.zaratenews.com/ has been updated. A lot of our family and friends have been asking for more posts and more pictures. With the transitions we have faced in life and our ministry, I have failed to update our site. I feel like I’m sleeping on the job!

In an effort to regain your trust and attention to our site again, we have made improvements to make the site newer and more user-friendly. The site will still have some of the old features such as featured links and photo galleries. But it will have a place for videos of the week (mostly of Anabelle) as well as other useful and encouraging items for all our followers.

Again, I want to thank you for keeping up with our family. God has been and continues to be very good to us and we seek to share these stories with you on a more frequent basis. Meanwhile, feel free to roam around our site. More improvements will come in the days ahead!