How Easter Can Help Your Marriage


It’s that time of the year when we celebrate Easter Sunday! It signals a new beginning as people don apparel that comes from the brighter side of their closets. Little girls coming in their beautiful dresses and boys handsomely dressed like “preppies.” And then there’s the Easter Dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, the colorful desserts after Easter service at your local church. After that delicious Easter dinner, it’s time for some games so that the kids can run off all that sugar and the adults can come out of their semi-comatose state. After all, unlike Thanksgiving, there isn’t a football game to snooze in front of. The traditional game: an Easter egg hunt!  (By the way, before you get all offended, I know what Easter or Resurrection Sunday is all about; just wanting to help marriages for now)

It was the thought of an Easter egg hunt that gave me an idea on how to help our marriages. Why not have an egg hunt for your spouse. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A bag of empty plastic shells (you can get these at Walmart, Target, or Party City)
  • A roll of scotch tape
  • Tiny pieces of paper
  • A pen
  • Maybe your spouse’s favorite perfume or cologne

I think you already know where I’m going. On the tiny pieces of paper write down any of the following:

  • I love you because… (you should come up with at least a dozen different reasons)
  • Because I love you, I will… (kinda like a coupon for a back rub, romantic dinner, favorite treat, or… you know what he/she likes, just write it down)
  • Go get your favorite… (then include the money for his/her favorite…)

Feel free to be more creative than me in what you can place in those eggs.

Then, hide the eggs all over the house (fridge, closet, drawers, favorite chair, etc.), the car, their office, and anywhere else they may frequent. It’s okay if they don’t find it right away. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they find it a few months later? It will be awesome!

By the way, parents, this would be good to do with your children (both for them and for your spouse). It’s fun way to communicate love to each other. It also teaches them that loving each other takes some work (something that most people don’t realize nowadays).

You may be thinking, “Why go through all the trouble?” First of all, your marriage is important! When you said, “I do,” you made a promise before God and men. Keep it! Fight for your marriage and do all that you can to make it better. Your home should be a haven, not a war zone and doing little things like this egg hunt shows how much you care.

Second of all, if you have children, realize that they are watching. Statistics have shown that many children whose parent went through divorce ended up going through divorce themselves. Monkey see, money do. Fathers, one of the best gifts you can give your children is to love their mother. And even as children of divorced parents persevere through their own marriages, they’ll be the first to tell you that at some point, they struggle at the very least with the fear of being divorced. Don’t put them through that!

Finally, your marriage is worth it and God is on your side! How do I know? Well, He did create marriage all the way back in the Garden of Eden. Our marriages are a perfect picture of Christ (the bridegroom) and the church (the bride). There’s no doubt Jesus loves us and just in case you have any doubts, He’s left a lot of “easter eggs” with messages all over the place. Just open it up and read, you’ll be glad you did!


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