Get Off the Carousel!

Silver-Beach-CarouselOne of my daughter’s favorite rides is the carousel. Whether it’s on a beach boardwalk, a mall, or Disneyland, if there’s a carousel, she wants to ride it.

Can I be honest with you? I loathe it as much as my daughter loves it! It goes in circles over and over again. No matter what horse, or fish, animal, or object you’re riding, you’ll never get ahead of the person in front of you. Then there’s the obligatory wave at the loved ones watching you as you aimlessly spin around on this contraption. Whoever invented this ride was a genius!

Has your marriage ever felt like a carousel ride? Have you ever had those conversations that just went around and around, only to accomplish nothing? Maybe you find yourselves fighting the same issue over and over and over again. You ask yourself, “Is this ever gonna end?” And like the carousel for the motion-sensitive person, you start to have that nauseous feeling that signals some uncontrolled, unwanted “burst” is coming!
Too many marriages live on a carousel – they’re moving but they’re not going anywhere! The same arguments dominate their conversations. The same stagnant schedule with no growth whatsoever. And before you know it, one or both spouses are sick of going around and around that they decide to jump off the carousel.


You heard me. I said that’s good.

I’m not talking about getting off the carousel by means of divorce, dissolving their marriage. I am, however, talking about a conscious effort to resist being a slave to the seemingly never-ending, unnecessary cycles in life.

So how to we get off the carousel?

First, admit that you’re on the carousel. Too many people are in denial. They believe they’re in a perfect marriage. Are you a sinner? Has he/she offended you? Then there’s a great possibility you may be on (either now or in the future) on a carousel. Admit it!

Second, assess the situation. Not all problems are huge, earth-shattering problems. But if left alone, it can be. Pray and ask God to give you both wisdom to see the situation for what it really is.

Third, aim to make it right. Develop a plan by studying God’s Word. What does He say about your situation and how can you fix it? And give the plan an activation date. More often than not, that date is now! After, didn’t someone once say, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail?”

Finally, accomplish your aim. Work your plan. Do what you know is right. Don’t just talk about stopping the cycle and getting off the carousel – do it!

Your marriage doesn’t have to be a series of cyclical arguments and events. It can, through the power of the Spirit, be an upward climb towards a closer relationship with God and each other. A glorious, joyful relationship is yours , if you would only get off the carousel!


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