Romantically Challenged Support Group, Part 4

Today, we’ll conclude this article with two more tips for the “romantically challenged.” As I said before, these are areas I have struggled in and seek to be better with the upcoming days. There is no perfect marriage and the quicker you recognize that, the sooner you’ll humbly improve your marriage. So here’s the final two.

Realize That Romance is Not an Exact Science

I hesitate to place this tip in this article since I seem to be contradicting myself but hear me out, especially you, sir! There is no “3-Step Program” to romancing your wife. Every woman is different and goes through different events and emotions each day. Therefore, it would be safe to say that how my wife responds to me may not be how your wife responds to you. So avoid saying, “Well, Juan said to do this and you’d appreciate it!” Wrong! 

There is a “playfulness” to romance that can make everything unpredictable. That’s why Peter writes that we are to dwell with them according to knowledge. Gentlemen, know your wife in such a selfless way that you are constantly seeking to serve her not yourself. 

I remember reading how a wife described this point. One Friday evening, she and her husband went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. After dinner, they took a walk together. They talked and laughed. the mood was just right. The evening ended intimately. 

About a week later her husband asked, “Hey, why don’t we go back to that restaurant for dinner?” She said, “I knew exactly what was on his mind – and it had nothing to do with the food.” 

Don’t reduce intimacy to a formula. Remember, one of the tips is to be spontaneous. And if you’re in doubt, ask.

Finally, and most important of all…

Understand God’s Love for You

It’s unconditional. It’s sacrificial. It’s selfless. It’s sanctifying. It’s amazing. It’s looks beyond our faults. It’s everlasting. Get the picture?

God commands us (husbands) to love our wives as Christ loved the church. Though the command is directed at husbands, it’s not a bad idea to make application as well, ladies. I know that there has never been a time in my life when God didn’t love me. He always has my best in mind. He never brings up my faults – Satan does that! So do you want to be Christ-like in your marriage or devilish? 

A man once said, “My wife has said on numerous occasions that when I’m pursuing God, it makes me irresistibly attractive to her.” Romance isn’t as challenging when the Author of marriage guides you all the way. 

Do you truly believe that God loves you? If so, good! Then seek to love your spouse the same way.

No marriage has to be “romantically challenged.” I challenge you to take at least on tip a day for the next 30 days and ask, “Who’s romantically challenged now?” I promise, it won’t be you.

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