Staying Focused


I remember watching a Disney movie with my family a few years ago titled, “Up.” It was about a man named Carl who had fallen in love, married, but later on lost his wife to a disease. While mourning and doing his best to live on, he meets a boy scout-type kid named Russell. Funny kid! Through the movie they bond over the goal of going to a place he and his wife had dreamed about living – Paradise Falls!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good movie without a villain and his cohorts. Through that time Carl and Russell also pick up some companions along the way. One of which provided comic relief throughout the movie. His name was Dug. But you probably remember him more from his famous line, “Squirrel!” This undiagnosed but safely assumed A.D.D. dog couldn’t stay focused if his life depended on it!

I’m afraid that sometimes I can be like Dug. I may not yell, “Squirrel” every time. But too easily the things of this world distract me. And if you’re honest, they distract you, too. If you don’t think so, ask yourself:

Have I gone on about how messed up our government and leaders are?

Ever complained about poor service at a restaurant?

Were you cool, calm, and collected when that “stupid” driver cut you off?

Have you ever focused on the negative rather than the positive?

These and many other questions reveal that we have a hard time focusing and one of these days, our inattentiveness is going to smack us right in the face, spiritually speaking.

I heard that when a couple signs up for Lamaze class (to help with baby delivery), they are encouraged to bring something that can be used as a focal point. Something they can focus on to help them through the agony of delivery.

I submit to you that too many Christians are falling away from God’s perfect path for them because they’ve lost sight of their Focal Point, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that we ought to be “looking unto Jesus.” Instead, we look at the waves, the trials, the storms, the giants, the debt, the struggles, the pleasures of sin, and so many others and neglect the presence of Christ. These “squirrels” can get you in more trouble than you’d care to have.

So may I encourage you to start each day keeping Jesus in the forefront of your life? And check throughout the day that He continues to guide and direct you. And when you do, I promise, you’ll pillow your head that night filled with joy because you focused on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.


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