A Baby Changes Everything

A Baby Changes Everything-titleToday (three days from Christmas), we will conclude our lesson series, “Little Things That Make a Big Difference.” We have studied in the last few months how seemingly insignificant attitudes and actions can undermine our homes. Much like the pebble in the corner of our shoe, these things have caused small irritations to become explosive moments in marriage, bringing great damage and sometimes, eventual destruction. Oh how little things make a big difference!

But for all the little negative things that we’ve discussed in previous weeks, I am happy to report that there is one “small” thing that has made a big difference. Actually, He’s made more than just a difference, this little baby has changed everything! Obviously I speak of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Humbly born in a stable, Jesus became flesh to live a perfect and sinless life. Why? So that He can meet the righteous demands of a holy God for an unblemished sacrifice. His death on the cross, burial in Nicodemus’ tomb, and resurrection from the grave- the Gospel – is the greatest Gift ever! Everything changed when Jesus came.

So here’s the question and challenge for your this Christmas: Have you been changed by the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you accepted Him as your personal Saviour, trusting only in Him, for your eternal destiny?

Jesus came to save us from our sins. He is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. He is the everlasting Saviour. He is the Author and Giver of peace. Your life is not complete if you do not have Christ. Has He changed you?

The following is more of a challenge for Christians, emphasized this season, but hopefully continually carried throughout the year: If Jesus has changed you and we’re to follow in His steps, whose life have you changed lately? Whose life is dramatically different today because you allowed the Lord to use you to be a blessing, a help, a guide to the Truth for, and a friend to?

It would be easy to look at all the wrong things others are doing this time of the year. May I remind you that we are all sinners and we are prone to wander even as children of God? And don’t even get started with the lost crowd and their lack of recognition for Jesus’ birth.

Complain. Gripe. Moan. Be angry and irritable. Criticize. Give them “the look.” These and many more are fleshly reactions to all the wrongs we perceive during this time of the year. And let’s call it what it is – it’s sin! Committing sin is the worst way to commemorate the birth of Christ. It’s definitely not the way to be used of Jesus to change other people’s lives.

As a Christian, change someone’s life this season. Here’s an idea: instead of sinning, try serving! There are enough needs in this world to keep us busy.

  1. Share the Gospel
  2. Welcome a solider home at the airport
  3. Bring gifts to kids in the hospital
  4. Host widows and widowers for a meal
  5. Visit a nursing home or homeless shelter
  6. Do housework or yard work for an elderly couple
  7. Deliver goodies to a police or fire station
  8. Pay for the person’s order behind you at a restaurant or coffee shop
  9. Leave groceries at the doorstep of a needy family
  10. Babysit for a single mom and take her to dinner and/or a spa treatment

These are just a few ideas. There are many more. The point: change someone else’s life since Jesus changed yours. That’s what Christmas is all about!


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