Evil Cousins

I love the conversations I have with my daughter while we’re in the car. We have had some doozies! I’m not sure if something she sees outside the window or the music we’re listening to trigger these talks. Today our conversation caused me to ponder some things.

Anabelle: Daddy, do you know David?

Me: David who? You’re Uncle David (Dunham)?

Anabelle: No, David the Shepherd.

Me: The one who fought with the giant?

Anabelle: Yes. You know, he took stones and hit the giant…

Me: Okay…

Anabelle: You know the giant?

Me: Goliath?

Anabelle: Yeah. He said, “Your God can’t do anything for you!”  (that’s the Bible video version) And David said, “God can do everything for me!” (same version)

Me: I remember…

Anabelle: And you know Satan?

Me: Yes… (at this point, I’m wondering where this conversation is going)

Anabelle: You know the giant and Satan?

Me: Yes.

Anabelle: Well, they’re cousins!

Me: What?

Anabelle: They’re cousins because they’re both bad!

Me: Just because they’re both bad doesn’t mean they belong to the same family.

Anabelle: Yes it does. You’re suppose to act like your family. As a part of Jesus’ family, I need to act like Him.

Don’t you love the pure thoughts of children? My child is a sinner just like everyone else but to catch a glimpse of a challenging truth can frankly be convicting for me! How many times have I acted like Satan or Goliath were my cousins? What about the moments when I didn’t represent my spiritual family well?

The Bible tells us that “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” We chose to be Christians, therefore we chose His name. Are you acting like your name (which means little Christ) or are you the black sheep, hardly associating with the holy name of Jesus? Who do people think you’re related to?

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God… John 1:12



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