Good Habits to Develop – Part 2, Pray on the Spot


Last week, I mentioned one of the habits I developed while a student at West Coast Baptist College. Some were taught to me by staff members while others were examples I observed from other students. Regardless, God has used my time in California to prepare me for today.

Habit #2: Praying on the Spot

The Bible tells us in the book of Galatians that we are to “bear one another’s burdens,” for when we do we are fulfilling the law of Christ. Jesus said on two laws hang all the commandments – love God and love others. I can find no greater way to love and bear other’s burdens than through the ministry of prayer.

Everyday, someone I know and love needs prayer. Whether it’s for the mundane things of life or some extraordinary challenge they’re facing, God has equipped every Christian with the ability to pray. Our relationship with Christ allows us access to the Father. We are commanded to “come boldly to the throne of God” so that we may find grace and help in times of need.

Of course, there are some moments when our prayer life is hindered (not dwelling with our spouse according to knowledge, having iniquity in our heart, etc.), which motivates me to make sure that my walk is right at all times! Because at that moment of crisis, when I need God to hear me, I want to be prepared to pray!

I remember a time while I was in college when some of our friends were in a horrible accident in front of the campus. A truck had t-boned the car with three ladies in it. Two were severely injured and transported to trauma centers.

I was working on the church grounds with some of my friends and when we heard the crash, we all assembled close to the site. Right away, one of my friends grabbed us by the shoulders and pulled us down to our knees saying, “We need to pray now!” And there, on the sidewalk of 40th St. East in Lancaster, California, a group of 6 college students begged God to spare the lives of our friends.

For the next few weeks, spontaneous prayer meetings would take place in hospital waiting rooms, dormitories, and common areas. I am pleased to share that God answered prayer! Today, those same ladies are faithfully serving the Lord with their lives. God is good!

But praying on the spot is not reserved for life-and-death situations. There is no problem too big for God to overcome or too small to care about. God simply wants to hear us pray and ask. He wants to know that we depend on Him for EVERYTHING!

Whether it’s a friend that’s going in for an interview or a loved one who just heard some bad health news or a pastor needing God’s wisdom – take the time to pray NOW. Over the phone, alone, with a group, or with your family, prayer is a gift that helps us give support and love to others when they may need it most – right now.


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