Good Habits To Develop – Part 1


A few times each year, I have the privilege of going back to my alma mater, West Coast Baptist College, for various events. Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College will always hold a dear place in my heart because it was there that God began to form much of who I am today as a Christian. 

Though I had been saved for a few years prior to coming to California, to my shame not much spiritual growth had taken place. In many sense, this was the place where I wrestled with God regarding His will for my life and where most of my foundation was laid for future ministry. Make no mistake, I have learned much more since being in college but whenever I go back, I am reminded of the life-changing lessons I learned as a young adult.

In the next few weeks, I would like to share with you some of the good habits that were instilled in me while under the leadership of godly men like Pastor Paul Chappell, Dr. John Goetsch, and Dr. Mark Rasmussen. I believe God places mentors in our lives to help shape us for His glory. I will be forever grateful for the lasting influence these servant leaders have had in my life. By God’s grace, I would like to pass on some of the same lessons that I have been taught.

Habit #1: Writing Notes Just Because

I remember Pastor Chappell, before beginning his message in chapel, start by saying, “I have an assignment for you. Write a note to…” Sometimes it would be to our parents, our pastor,  or someone else. He would help us by giving us a deadline and telling us to drop it off at the college office so that it could be mailed for us. (You know, college students couldn’t afford stamps back then)

Sometimes we get stuck in the rut of writing a birthday card here and a thank you note there. And we should. But what about just writing a note to be a blessing?

Over the course of my ministry, I have been blessed to receive notes from time to time and I must say, often these notes came at the perfect time – it’s like God knew I needed it! I know we’re to encourage ourselves in the Lord but He is not opposed to us being encouraged by others, too.

In today’s technological age, there’s no excuse for us not to be encouraging in note writing via texting, email, Twitter and Facebook posts, etc. Every Sunday morning a man from our church texts me to tell me that he’s praying for me and the lesson I’m about to teach. That’s awesome!

So why not do it now? I’m giving you an assignment: write a note to… Be a blessing!


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