After the Fire



I remember as a boy watching my friend’s house on fire. Along with grown men, we boys went into the house trying to salvage what we could. Finally, the fire raged so hot that no one else could get close. The fire burned everything else!

For days, I remembered, smelling smoke. My eyes were still irritated from the running back into the house. We often walked back to the house to see if there was anything else that survived the blaze. That day, my friend’s life changed. 

Isn’t that what fire does? Fire changes things. It takes some food items and makes them edible. Fire takes metals and even precious stones and purifies them. Prescribed burns are often ordered in various forest areas to protect from wildfire.

At Desert Gateway Baptist Church, we have experience some fire – revival fires, if you would. God has dealt with our hearts. He has pointed out sins, purified motives, and prescribed a way for us to draw nigh unto Him. But what happens after the fire? What do we do when the revival meetings are over?

Allow me to first emphasize that revival is not a series of meetings, nor is it the coming of a gifted preacher. Revival is not something that a church can manufacture through prayer meetings and various preparations. Only God can grant revival through the immense awareness of His presence by His people. This awareness leads to recognizing God’s true worth, from which the word “worship” is derived. When a person or a church sees God for Who He is and what He expects from His children, true joy returns to that person, purifying his life so that it can be lived in the way God intends. So, what’s next?

Just like the house fire changed my friend’s life, so too does revival fire change our lives. Something happened and it was good! May I give you some suggestions on what to do after the fire?

Refuse To Go Back

God did something in your life and it drew you closer to Him – don’t go back! There won’t be services each night but you can certainly fill those times with opportunities to live out biblical principles or know more about God. In preparation for the revival meetings, you passed up some “weighty” items in your life and you survived! You also confessed sin and decided to forsake it. Substitute the bad with something good so that the bad doesn’t creep back in.

Request Back Up

Satan and his demons are not going to leave you alone after these meetings. They’ll do all they can to trip you up and help you break your vows to God. If Satan has help, you should, too! The Word of God is your help for in it you will find the answer for every question or doubt. The family of God is also on your side. Be accountable! Tell your spouse, your pastor, a spiritual leader, a mentor- let them know what God did so that they can pray and encourage you along the way. By the way, the same people you’re going to will need prayer and encouragement, too.

Rely on the Holy Spirit

It’s going to be by His Spirit that you will overcome Satan, the flesh, and this world. Aren’t you thankful that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world?” The Holy Spirit also keeps that revival fire alive because He’ll continue to point out sin, purify our lives, and prescribe solutions to life’s problems. That why we should all obey every impulse of the Holy Spirit.

Your life is changed because God worked. It’s better. It’s closer to Him and it benefits you and your family. Why should you look back? As Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife.”


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