The Power of One


We live in a time where wants are high but the willingness to work is low. People fight for their rights but flee from responsibilities. I used to listen to my parents and other “wiser” people say, “That’s not how we grew up. Things were much different back then.” Now, I say the same thing! It seems that every generation finds itself further and further away from the “good ‘ol days.”

You know it’s sad when you point to the 80’s and 90’s, recognizing them as better days. While our grandparents reference times way before ours. As Christians, this should not surprise us as God inspired Paul to write about times that would “wax worse and worse.”

This lack of regard for God and fellow man has led people living selfish lifestyles- caring only about their four and no more- failing to see themselves as their brother’s keeper. What’s ironic is this, a person’s devaluation of others really leads to a devaluation of himself. In an effort to raise his own personal rights and ignore personal responsibility, man has really caused himself hurt, which then hinders others, too. This very act and attitude exists in Christianity today, affecting our Bible-believing churches.

Consider a quartet without its lead singer- you cannot have harmony without the melody. Think about the property that doesn’t get prepared for services because the cleaner failed to show up and inform others. How about the short-staffed nursery (because one person didn’t show up) seeking to care for and calm the children during the service? It may look funny on a comic strip but caring for children is no laughing matter. Ask the church members currently without a pastor.

Though one may think, “I’m only one, what’s the big deal,” one person makes a difference! Because people think more of themselves than others, ministry is hampered. Others miss the opportunity to be a blessing or be blessed.

But now consider a full complement of musicians presenting a beautifully arranged piece. A children’s program with well-trained workers providing a loving learning experience. How about when the lines are long at Walmart and the front end manager decides to open up an additional checkout lane? Hallelujah!

Finally, consider Christ. He made all the difference in all of our lives. His humble and submissive attitude before, during, and after the cross serves as a reminder of the power of One. May we find ourselves in our place, fulfilling our role, and bringing glory to our God!


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