Happy Valentine’s Day… Now What?

Zarate Family 1327

I am certainly not an expert when it comes to marriage. I have not authored any books (nor do I intend to anytime soon) and all I know is what I’ve learned from God’s Word along with the observations I’ve made in my own marriage as well as other’s. But one thing pastors and spiritual mentors have always instilled in me is this, “Don’t ever stop dating your wife!”

Remember those dating or courtship days. We always placed  our best foot forward and gave everything our best effort. Even dates were planned with the goal of wowing the one with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life. Guess what, just because we stood before God and others and said, “I do” to each other doesn’t mean we can just coast into our “happily ever after.”

Dennis Rainey said, “For every couple, the honeymoon ends and the hard work of building a lasting marriage begins.” That hard work includes dating your spouse.

With Valentine’s Day, it was perhaps easy to set up a time because every store and commercial in the world reminded us to date our mate, but now that it’s over, what do we do?

KEEP ON DATING! Don’t stop spending precious moments together because there’s no event or occasion. If you believe that your marriage is a gift from God (and it is), then you should celebrate it often!

Personally, I have planned my date nights for the whole year. And if God blesses with extra dates here and there, I’ll be more than grateful. Life is too busy to leave this important marriage-building activity to chance. It also helps me to line up a babysitter, save some money (if the date is going to cost us some funds), and make the necessary arrangements for our date. That’s why it’s on the calendar!

The other day, a friend of ours asked, “What do you do on your dates?” Another friend commented on my Twitter page a few months ago, “Another date with your wife?!” Why yes, and I will take more if I can. That’s how important I believe my marriage is.

In closing, I would like to leave you a list of date ideas you can have with your spouse. Some cost money, some don’t. But they all will cost you your time and effort. Hope you can enjoy these moments with your spouse and watch God grow you closer together. Please feel free to add more ideas.

  1. Dinner (at a restaurant or home)
  2. Picnic at a park
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Visit local spots
  5. Coffee break
  6. Movie night at home w/ popcorn= cuddle time
  7. Game night
  8. Weekend getaway
  9. Sitting by the fireplace or fire pit after the kids are in bed
  10. Day trip
  11. Couples’ Pedicure (trust me)
  12. Send the kids away overnight and have the house alone
  13. Star gazing
  14. Go to the bookstore
  15. Sunset hike
  16. Go Bowling
  17. Go to the arcade (your husband will love you)
  18. Ice skating (even if you don’t know how, it’ll be funny)
  19. Go for a bike ride
  20. Go for a drive

Here are some places to enjoy here in Arizona:

  1. Riparian Preserve
  2. Sedona, Flagstaff, Payson
  3. Hale Center Theatre
  4. Organ Stop Pizza
  5. Agriptopia
  6. Tempe Town Lake
  7. Sunset Point on I-17
  8. The Melting Pot
  9. Benihana
  10. The Cheesecake Factory
  11. Scottsdale Fashion Square
  12. Canyon or Bartlett Lake
  13. Arizona Canal Trails
  14. Town of Gilbert Parks
  15. Frost
  16. Sprinkles Cupcakes
  17. Queen Creek Olive Mill
  18. Fountain Park
  19. Gondola Ride at Hyatt at Gainey Ranch
  20. Frisbee Golf

There are so many other ideas and places you and your spouse can explore. It will take work. But if you plan and prepare, you will profit from a work well-doing regarding your marriage.

Zarate Family 1331


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