The Significance of Small Things

When I read the Bible, I am amazed at how God repeats the principle of First Corinthians 1 over and over again:

And God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.

In a world where everyone wants their moments of fame, financial and physical success have been the goal for people. The worth of men are measured by their amassed wealth or social status. And yet, in the Bible, God takes note of the simple things, the weak things, and insignificant things – at least from the world’s perspective. Can you imagine the surprise these “small things” must have had when God chose them over the great things?

The Smooth Stone

“Whatcha doin’, pebble?” Asked the fish. “I’m a stone! And I’m just trying to cool down. That dumb giant keeps cursing the very God Who created me.”

The fish asked, “Well, what are you gonna do about it, Stone? Are you gonna… hey, watch out, shepherd boy!”

“What’s happening?” asked Stone. “Where are you taking me? What are you doing? Why are you placing me in this… sliiiiing?!!!”

Well, we all know the rest of the story.

The Fish & Bread

The head loaf: We’ve been here all day following this Jesus. What’s the big deal about Him, anyway?

The head fish: Didn’t you just see how He healed all those sick people? That’s awesome! I wish He would perform a miracle on me!

The head loaf: But you’re not sick, well, maybe in the head. Besides, it’s too late. He’s gonna start sending people home. I heard a bunch of them complaining about being hungry. Too bad your mothers didn’t pack you guys a lunch!”

The head fish: What’s this boy doing? Why is he going towards Jesus? Where are you putting me? Bread, help! Bread help!

The head loaf: Would you be quiet! I can’t hear what Jesus is saying. He’s praying. He’s thanking God for us. I think He’s about to divide us up among all these people.

The head fish: No way! There’s too many people. There’s no way we can feed everyone!

Well, we all know the rest of the story.

Have you ever felt like these small things before? The common theme is that they allowed themselves to be used. And though this illustration is fictional (stones, fish and bread can’t talk), the non-fiction version teaches us the simple lesson of the small thing not negotiating with the user. In this case, the stone has no say-so in how David was going to use him; likewise the fish and loaf did not rebel or go on strike to negotiate their terms. Because of their silent surrender, God used them mightily!

God used small things back then and He’s continuing that work today. Don’t try to be so big, you get too big for God to use. The great servants of Christ, both in the Bible and through history, were ones who saw themselves of little or no worth but recognize the greatness of their own God. Will you do the same today?


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