The New iPhone

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The world is abuzz about the new iPhone 5. People who have just upgraded to the last phone (which was released late last year) are already talking about getting their hands to the latest Apple product. On September 21st, people’s economic status will miraculously improve as they line up to purchase this device.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of Apple products. I use it everyday. I have an iPhone 4s, an iPad (first generation), a MacBook Pro (2008), and a Mac Mini (2011). Apple products are proven to be helpful both for our home and ministry. If someone gives me the new iPhone 5 (hint, hint), I would gladly take it!

If you’ve followed Apple products for any length of time, you know that when they launch a product, it is never done in a simple fashion. Keynote presentations are conducted and videos are produced. Oh, the video!

I watched the video today. Apple amazes me with their videos. Not because of the quality or content. Their approach is simple, their message is concise, and their content is detailed. But what amazes me about their videos is the excitement each person brings to it. The way they talk, it’s like they’ve just invented the greatest thing ever! And we believe them!

I haven’t taken the time to fact-check the video, but I’m sure I heard the words “ever” or “best ever” at least half a dozen times in six minutes. But regardless of what Apple says, “the best ever” news isn’t the latest iPhone, or the next generation iPad, or some new technology.

The best news ever is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! God, became flesh and dwelt among us. He lived a perfect, sinless life so that He can be the all-sufficient sacrifice for our sins. Jesus laid His life down for sinners like you and me. He died for people who would both accept and reject Him. What a Saviour! Then He conquered death, hell, sin, and the grave as He rose again three days later. This is the greatest news of all. Hallelujah!

Apple executives seem so excited about their latest product and it shows as they describe it in great detail. And because of it, in a few days, millions of people will gather at stores all around the country (and perhaps the world) to get their hands on the iPhone 5.

I wonder what would happen if as Christians we were just as excited about getting the Good News out, allowing people to see how Jesus has changed our lives. I am not sure if millions would flock to our churches, asking what they must do to be saved. But I know this, God would be pleased with the excitement and emphasis by which carry out the most important message of all, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

For more information about the best news ever, click here. You can also read more about it by downloading Cary Schmidt’s book Done. Available free from Kindle store or iBooks store.


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