Take Your Pick- It’s All Good!

When I used to work on a bus route, I always had a bag filled with goodies. Candies, lollipops, little toys, pads of paper, pencils, and many other items were available to children who earned it by being good, winning a game, bringing a friend, or simply coming for the first time. Children would oftentimes keep coming on the bus just to see what was in the bag.

One time, I placed a big gift-wrapped box in there. I set it close to the opening of the bag in a place where most children can see that there’s something special in my bag. It was extra motivation to try to “win” that prize!

As the first child earned his chance to dig into my goodie bag, it was no secret – he was reaching for the box!

When he pulled it out, he tore the wrapper to shreds and maniacally ripped the box open. Only to find a roll of toilet paper! The whole bus erupted in laughter and the young man took it in stride.

That wasn’t the only gag gift that ended up in the bag. And sometimes, even when the gift wasn’t a gag, some children wished they would have picked out something better.

As I mentioned last week, I have been studying the book of Proverbs in preparation for a course I’m teaching at Desert Baptist Bible College. I am known among the students for requiring memory verses – tons of them! So in the last few weeks, I have sought to narrow down the 915 verses of Proverbs to between 90-100. Many are already familiar and because of the writing style of the book, the verses are easier to memorizes than others. This task has proven to be easier in planning and harder in execution!

Everyday, I’ve read through each chapter and I keep finding more verses for them to memorize. Someone told me, “Just have them memorize the whole book!”

I reached into God’s book of Proverbs and not only did I enjoy everything I’ve read (some are more convicting than others but all for my good and His glory), but I also find myself not wanting to put anything back.

You see God’s Word isn’t like my goodies bag when I was a bus captain. There will never be a time when I open the Bible and feel like, “That was a gag!” All Scripture is profitable. All of it is good for me and for God’s glory.

I’m not saying that we need to throw away a systematic approach to Bible study and reading but regardless of where you land (even the genealogies), there’s something good for us. We just need to ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate our hearts and minds.

Take your pick! Proverbs? Acts? The Gospels? Paul’s Epistles? David and Solomon’s poetical books? Moses? No matter the choice, it’s all for our good and for His glory!

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