Purposeful Decorating

Before you think I’ve fallen off my rocker, please know that this is not an article communicating the “do’s and dont’s of decorating.” I would have to surrender my man-card to write that! Of course some guys have a great eye for details and decorating. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

If you’re like me, you know what you like when you see it. The problem comes when I try to replicate what I’ve seen – it just doesn’t work! I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t have the “spiritual” gift of decorating. And that’s okay with me.

The past few weeks, our school teachers have been coming into their classrooms to decorate it. Every teacher has their own style. Some like to use posters. Some use bulletin board sets. Others decorate heavily while others don’t go too wild with it. And though they all have a different perspective when it comes to decorating a classroom, they all share one word when it comes to their design, “purposeful.”

What students see on the walls, on their desks, where they hang their belongings, and where the teacher sits all communicate the same purpose: we are here to learn more about the Lord, His Word, and the order He has established in this world.

When a student walks into their classroom, the visual cue should be, “Time to learn!” And you can ask any teacher worth their salt, they understand the importance of a good classroom atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning therefore they will spend time (even during their summer breaks) to properly prepare their classrooms so that students know the moment they walk in what the purpose of that room is.

As I walked around the classrooms this past week, it made me think, “If purposeful decorating encourages proper training, why don’t more of us do this at home?” God has placed the responsibility upon the parents to teach their children. Though Christian schools and church classes serve to compliment what is taught at home, they are not enough to develop in each student the mind of Christ. So the training must begin at home.

So what’s your decorating style? Some like the contemporary look. Others prefer a country-style. What’s your home’s focal point? The entertainment center, the beautiful kitchen, the meticulously manicured backyard? Regardless of your taste, may I ask, does it communicate a desire and a purpose to know more about Christ? Does it teach them about the goodness of God? At a glance, does your home look like a Christian home?

I must admit, our family has a way to go. We have some photos that indicate the blessings of the Lord and we do share those photos and talk to our daughter about them often. But it isn’t enough! Like our Christian school classrooms, I think my home ought to have more verses on its walls and some sort of “Christian Home Rules.”

You may have a home worthy of being featured on HGTV but if you have failed to teach your children and to be a blessing and a challenge to those who come, then what good is it? Remember that our homes are tools for ministry not trophies for our own glories.


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