To Abort or Not To Abort?

The subject of adoption is a very dear subject to me, obviously because of our personal experience. We adopted our daughter, Anabelle, over three years ago. The journey was unforgettable, miraculous, and rewarding because of what God did. I reflect fondly upon those days and yearn for God to repeat those moments in our family’s life. Through this process, we have met many wonderful Christians God used to bring us our precious baby girl, one of whom is Kandi Cox.

Kandi is the founder and director of Abba Adoption Agency in Arkansas. Since 2004, Kandi and her team have helped many of us fulfill the desires of our hearts to become parents. Through prayer, godly counsel, networking with the right groups and individuals, Abba Adoption has not only been used of God to bring children into the lives of adoptive parents but also to bring people to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, it’s hard to have a ministry about life without talking about the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Anabelle’s birth mother was saved as a result of the ministry of Abba Adoption. The story couldn’t get any better than that!

Over the past few weeks, Kandi has shared over social networking sites the battles she continually faces as she labors through the adoption ministry. I have passed along and shared some of these battles in hopes that other Christians would labor together with us in prayer for these matters.

This past week, Kandi stood outside an abortion clinic not to picket and block anyone from going into the clinic but to pray for a confused and hurting soul and to offer her personal and professional support. I can’t imagine what that would be like. I’ve never faced such an occurrence in my ministry. This was a life and death choice! Praise God, the lady chose life and a baby shall be born, Lord willing.

Anabelle’s testimony is similar. Her birth mom was on her way to the abortion clinic when she was pulled over by police, thrown into jail, and got in contact with Abba Adoption. Though God through circumstances helped Anabelle’s birth mom with the decision, a choice for life was made. And the other day, God used our daughter to place some Gospel tracts on people’s doors. Amazing!

I was speaking to a godly lady in our church the other day, whose mom and dad were going to abort her. Today, she is one of the most hospitable and helpful Christian ladies you can ever meet. Why? Because someone chose life! Imagine the souls that would not know about Christ if this lady would have been aborted.

Aside from the biblical fact that taking a life (and that’s what abortion is) is wrong, think about this: those who want to abort their children owe their very existence to those who did not abort them. So wouldn’t it be right to give the child a chance at life? There are many adoptive parents that would gladly give them a home. To abort or not to abort is the question. The answer: don’t abort and choose life!


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