Enemies of the Home

Did you know that in 2011, the Defense Department accounted for 19 percent of the United States federal spending? That’s $700,000,000! As far as the world is concerned, the United States of America possesses the most powerful military force in the world. Other than Medicare and Medicaid (23%) and Social Security (20%), our country spent more money on fighting wars, defending our borders, and developing new technologies to protect its citizens.

Whether all or a great portion of that money was used for those purposes, we will never know. But one truth is evident, we consider the security of our country to be a priority based on the amount of funding that goes to the Defense Department.

If we are willing to spend $700,000,000 to protect our country from enemies both foreign and domestic, what’s the price you’re willing to pay to fight off the enemies of your home?                

The Bible tells us that Satan is “walketh about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” Our major enemy, the terrorizer of God’s children, is Satan himself. He, along with his legion of demons, are in full attack mode and would love nothing more than to destroy our homes. He is working tirelessly to wreck our testimony, ruin our lives, and limit our effectiveness for our Saviour.

He causes us to question the Word of God, he encourages us to trust our hearts, and he is continually dividing our families. Satan wants us to accept a lie, deny the truth, and live in a society where we demand our rights!

He uses media – the internet, social networking, technology, printed press, TV and movie programs.

He uses music – rock & roll, country, R & B, rap, easy listening, and Christian contemporary genres.

He uses people – family members, distant relatives, fellow church members, unsaved co-workers, and various influential leaders (authors, artists, and athletes).

Satan is strategically blowing our homes down like a midwestern tornado. And despite the devastation he brings through wounded lives and broken homes, Christians have foolishly “lived on” as if nothing has happened.

Just as our government has set aside $700 million for the defense of our country, it is time that families realizes that there is a great cost (I choose to call it an investment) when it comes to protecting our families from the enemies of the home. Granted, the price is high. Nothing ever worth having is free except for our salvation (even though that was free to us it was not to Jesus).

Are you willing to pay the price? Do you love your family enough to sacrifice what is needed for their well-being?

Though I do not have an alarm system for our home, I have other means to protect those in my home. Their names are Mossberg, Walther, and Springfield! They weren’t free but I was willing to pay for it if it meant having the peace of mind that should an intruder enter our home, I have the means to protect my family.

What have you “purchased” spiritually to protect your home from Satan and his demons? What measures have you taken to ward off his attacks?

If you are a part of a good church, I have no doubt that the preaching and teaching ministry of your church has done much to challenge you to set up your defenses and to prepare for the fight with the Wicked One. By the way, most of the counseling that Christians need can be received from the pulpit and teaching lecterns of good Bible-preaching churches. If you are not a part of a church that faithfully teaches the Bible “line upon line, precept upon precept” then you better find one and fast!

With that said, it would be foolish not to heed the biblical advice and instruction we hear from the our preachers and teachers. As they teach about the different enemies of the home and how the Bible says we can defeat each one, may I encourage you to be:

  1. Humble and teachable– don’t come to church or your Sunday school or adult Bible class thinking you know it all or having an “I’ve head this before attitude.” Pride will surely bring you and your family low.
  2. Open and changeable– some lessons will hurt. Consider it the purging power of the Holy Spirit. Accept it, learn from it, and apply it to your life, as well as your family’s.
  3. Thankful and humble– perhaps next to the holiness of Christ, His humility was His greatest attribute. Which is why we begin and end with being humble. The victories we receive as we battle with the enemies of our homes will come from God alone. The battle is His! Thank Him for the wins that come along the way.

If you knew that an enemy was coming, wouldn’t you prepare? Wouldn’t you spend time fortifying your home and setting up defenses to both discourage and defeat the enemy? Stay in church, read your Bible daily, pray, listen to preaching, and apply the scriptural admonitions to defeat the enemies of your home.


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