Wherever the Wind Blows

I’m not quite sure what is happening with the world’s weather but it has been windy where I’ve been in the past few weeks. I find myself making sure that my mouth is closed when outdoors lest an insect makes my muzzle their graveyard! Yuck!

The scene of birds attempting to fly against the wind (only to give up and glide away from their destination) is only one of many teaching pictures from this very unusual, and at times annoying, weather pattern. I have to admit, it’s also brought about some humorous situations. Have you ever seen someone chasing a piece of paper in a huge parking lot when the winds are blowing? Been there, done that, have the t-shirt, and the video replay is forever etched in my mind!

When I think of the spiritual application of blowing wind, my mind goes to the verse in Ephesians 4:14,

“That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.”

Wind can make a mess of things! Patio furniture, blown over trash cans, tumbleweed! Oh, the tumbleweed- that which is the official vegetation of my alma mater at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. Have you ever come to a chain-link fence after a wind storm? The collection of wind-blown items trapped in its metallic mesh is nothing more than a mess.

Unfortunately, some Christians end up being a mess in the metallic mesh of this world because they have been blown around by every wind of doctrine! They glide from church to church, from one Bible study to the next with no foundation, no consistency, no impact. The slightest offense drives them from the very institution that introduced them to Christ. Vain imaginations blow them from the anchor of the local church, godly leaders and friends. And before you know it their lives become unrecognizable because the trip in the wind and on the mesh has ruined what God has created as beautiful. Make no mistake about it, sin can destroy that which God made good.

Don’t be a mess against a metallic mesh; be a trophy of God’s amazing grace! But how?

Wind is not always a bad thing. It’s not always annoying. It doesn’t always cause us to chase after possessions only to find them unusable in the end. Wind has some good purposes.

Wind is used to generate energy. Wind farms power many cities and towns around the world. Wind is important to a sail boat. Without it, the sailboat is nothing more than a flotation device.

The Holy Spirit came from Heaven, according to Acts 2:2, in a sound of a mighty rushing wind. The Bible tells us that the followers of Jesus, who have prayed in the upper room for days, were filled with the Holy Ghost. What happens in Acts 2 is a miracle from God as approximately 3000 souls accept Christ! What caused this? The filling of the Holy Spirit.

Are you filled with the Spirit of God? Are you walking in the Spirit? We often say around here that we ought to “obey every impulse of the Holy Spirit.”

As Christians we are blessed to have the Holy Spirit indwell us. We have the Holy Spirit and we will never lose Him. But to be filled of the Spirit, the question isn’t “do we have the Holy Spirit” for that was answered when we got saved. The question is, “how much of us does the Holy Spirit have?”

It’s okay to go “whereever the wind blows” so long as the Wind is the Holy Spirit of God.


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