The Procrastinating Problem

Who doesn’t struggle with procrastination? Please raise your hand! Maybe you want to raise your hand but you’d rather do it tomorrow. Much problem and heartache has been caused by procrastination. Why? Because procrastination attacks our very being, our stubborn will, and our selfish pride, none of which we want to relinquish. Meanwhile, tasks are left undone, people are left disappointed, and the work of God is  hindered because we’d rather do it later.

Granted, there are only so many hours in a day and not everything can be finished now. That’s where having a time budget and learning to prioritize comes in. But that’s a different article. We’ll right about that later (insert smiley face). Today, I want to change your mindset about procrastination.

Replace “Later” with “Now”

Isn’t it amazing how many times we say “later” during the day? And how often have you noticed that at time “later” never came? Sometimes we miss opportunities to be used of God because we say “later.” The fields are white, Jesus said, already to harvest!

As you prioritize your life, I would suggest that you categorize them this way: important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, not important nor urgent. In ministry, we have too many servants that suffer from a form of attention deficit disorder. Newsflash, you and I are not the answer to everyone’s problems. This perhaps is one of the biggest reasons we run out of time doing now what we should.

Someone once said it this way, “It’s easy to say ‘no’ when there’s a greater ‘yes’ burning inside.” When you have properly prioritized your life, replace the “later” with “now” as you accomplish these God-given tasks.

Remember What the Bible Says About Life

Life is a vapor according to James. Solomon warns us not to “boast thyself of tomorrow.” Regardless of your life’s age and stage, the future is not a guarantee. We are not going to physically live forever. We’re not even assured to have the strength and ability to accomplish tomorrow what we should today.

We have a birth date and we will have a death date. It’s an unknown appointment (our death) but we must always be ready for it.

Record Your Time

Have you ever lost track of time? Have you ever said time just got away from you? We all know that the term “saving time” is really a misnomer. Time cannot be saved or banked for future use; it can only be spent. Which is why the Psalmist prayed to the Lord, “so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hears unto wisdom.”

Think about it this way, if you waste time, you’re wasting your life! Ask God to help you focus on the tasks He has prepared for you and if it happens that you have extra time upon the fulfillment of these tasks, then praise Him for it by using it for Him. By the way, on a personal note, I have found that the more I give God my time, the more He multiplies mine.

Run With It

Sometimes we just need to start the project! We take so much time planning (and we should plan and count the cost) that we fail to even begin. What if God’s plan of redemption was never carried out? Would you be okay with saying, “well, it was the thought that counts!” But it wasn’t the thought that saved us, it was the finished work (that’s action) of Christ!

Sometimes we don’t start because we think it’s going to be hard. What I’ve found in procrastination is that the task is oftentimes easier than I expect but I don’t figure that out until the task is complete.

I think about Pharoah in Exodus 8 when I think of this point. The frogs have invaded the land and Moses asks Pharoah if he would like the frogs to go back to the river. I know what my answer would be. But with the frogs in the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and everywhere in between piled one on top of the other, Pharoah was so stubborn as to answer Moses, “Tomorrow.” How can you live another day with these frogs?

Friend, how can you live another day with these frogs? Why would you put off until tomorrow what God wants to do in your life today? Procrastination has lessened the quality of life for most Christians. Stop it now and live the abundant life Christ has promised to you!


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