Before Slaying A Giant

Perhaps the most popular Bible story outside of the birth of Jesus Christ is the story of David and Goliath. How can you not love a little shepherd boy slaying a giant? It’s a story of overcoming the odds, doing the impossible, and standing for a cause. This passage found in 1 Samuel 17 has inspired people, both lost and saved. The analogy has been used in various aspects of life, from school to personal life. It is most commonly referred to in sports, to inspire the underdog to do the unexpected!

There is an underdog in all of us and we all have giants we wish to slay. There are those areas of our lives that loom over us, intimidating us to inaction and defeat. We can all relate to that little shepherd boy and just once, we would like to hit that giant right between the eyes! I would like to share with you what you must do before slaying your life’s giants.

As we enter the third year of our basketball program, I have found our young men improving in every facet of the game. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. So in our Christian school league, this gap that we thought we were closing seems to remain the same. How many more times can a team take a double-digit loss?

I spent time watching other teams, studying how to be a better coach, looking for ways to motivate them to elevate their game. The last few games have been encouraging. Our team would simply hang in there only to sputter in the end.

But it was progress and I was happy! I often tell them, “I’m not looking for perfection, just progress.” No one is ever perfect, after all.

I kept telling them, “I can’t wait to slay a giant. I can’t wait to a giant,” meaning of course winning a game.

Last Monday evening, we faced a team who beat us every time we play against them. Home, away, in a tournament- the result was always a loss for us. The last time we locked horns with this team, we almost came away with a win. Frankly, I was tired of losing to them.

I told the team, “Tonight, we are done losing (isn’t that inspiring?). We are better than the win-loss column reflects. Let’s prove it to everyone tonight.”

I turned to my assistant coach and that’s when I realized what needed to happen before slaying a giant. Coach Bob Luce wisely said, “This team is not a giant. We’ve come close to them before and they know it. Truthfully, they’re just a lion and a bear!”

Click! It clicked for me. It clicked for our team. This whole time, we’ve been so focused on “slaying the giant” that we’ve forgotten about the lion and the bear.

The lion and the bear David slew before he took care of Goliath are the proving grounds God provides for our lives. Sometimes we want to do great and mighty things for God only to neglect the simple commands of the Bible.

Remember that if we are to be faithful in much we must first be faithful in least. Why should God trust us to slay the giant when we haven’t even taken care of the lion and the bear?

Not only that but how can we learn to trust God to protect us from the giant if we haven’t even learned to trust Him to protect us from the lion and the bear?

It’s like baseball. You can’t score and cross home plate until you’ve touched every base. Pay attention to the lion and bear first, then see God use you to slay that giant!


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