The Greatest Christmas Ever

Because our family was traveling on Christmas day after our church’s morning services, we planned on having our Christmas festivities a few days before. Now that Anabelle is two years old, these times become even more precious because of what she does, or doesn’t do.

We fixed our favorite meals, sang Christmas songs, read the Christmas story, had a birthday party for Jesus, opened presents, played with presents, and made memories. We even established a new Christmas tradition as a family of finding something we really like and giving it as a gift to Jesus on His birthday. Overall, our Christmas time has been awesome and we’re not even done yet!

But no matter how great our Christmas gets, it will never top the best Christmas ever. It was the time when “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” It was when Jesus left the glory of Heaven to be born in a humble manger. No royal robe but swaddling clothes. No baby showers just lowly shepherds. And for what? For who? For you and for me!

Jesus came to live a perfect, sinless life (He’s the only one that could’ve done it) so that He can offer Himself as the unblemished sacrifice for our sins- the very same sins condemn us to an eternity in Hell. But thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift! Because Jesus died and rose again, the gift of eternal life has been paid in full. Have you received it?

If not, may I encourage you to do so now? You will never find someone who will love you more and fill the deepest need of your heart. As my daughter says, “Jesus love me, this me know!”

If you would like to know more, would you click here? You can also download some free mini books to you Kindle or iPad that could help you understand more. I hope you will. If you have more questions, feel free to post a comment.


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