Who Are You?

Have you ever looked at old photos maybe through a yearbook or scrapbook? More often that not, we look at those pictures and ask ourselves, “what happened to me?” Sometimes, we’re even shocked into a new diet plan or lifestyle so that we can get back to what we used to look like!

This week, Chris Carter spoke about his honest perception of Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. In the last few months, Tebow has rallied his team to victory after they had fallen behind to their opponents. Because he doesn’t have the mechanics of the prototypical NFL quarterback and more importantly, because of Tebow’s outspokenness about the Lord Jesus Christ, he has become one of the most polarizing figures in professional sports today.

Frankly, it’s been fun to watch former athletes try to analyze how Tebow keeps winning. A few times Chris Carter mentioned in the same interview that “there’s some greater power, something magical” about these comebacks. Many of these analysts and commentators want Tebow to fail because they refuse to believe that God can actually help His children, even on the football field!

But my favorite part of the interview was when Chris Carter finally said about Tim Tebow, “You can’t talk about him without talking about his faith. That’s who he (Tebow) is.” Wow! That’s who he is? Tim Tebow has become synonymous to his very own faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

How about you? When people talk about you, who do they say you are? What do they see when they look at you? It’s a convicting question I have asked myself today. Sure, my neighbors may say that my family is quiet and that we maybe keep to ourselves and leave for church often. Our bank tellers (to whom we delivered some cupcakes to last week) would say my wife was so kind in making them Christmas treats. Though the man who has been cutting my hair for the last four years is a Phoenix Suns fan, we have oftentimes talked about our love for watching basketball. I have been defined by my actions and even my occupation but I wonder, am I (and are you) defined by my (your) faith? When people talk about us, do they automatically talk about Christ?

It’s sad, but as Christians we sometimes act as if it is Christ who bears our names rather than us bearing His name. Who are you?

Here are some steps that can help others talk more about Christ when they talk about us.

Represent God Daringly

Don’t shy away from being called a Christian! The Bible tells us that “whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.” Even when men mock you, stand up for Jesus.

Respond Humbly To Others

You can state your position without having a sour disposition. Didn’t the Bible warn us that “all they that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution?” Follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, who when He was reviled, reviled not again. Vengeance does not belong to the persecuted; it belongs to God.

Refocus On The Eternal

When our mortal lives end, we know that eternity has just begun. Saved or lost, the soul will live on forever and its imperative that we live with eternity in view! These football analysts who are past their “glory days” love the game so much they feel the need to hang around it. For the Christian, this life is but a small step to forever. It is a preparation for the eternal.

What have you done this week that will matter for eternity? While many are criticizing Tebow for his throwing mechanics, very few make mention of the good he has done in this world.

If football ended for Tebow tomorrow, he has already proven who he is and what he would do. He’s all about his faith. Are you?



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