A Preschooler’s Prayer Life

In the course of any given day, I am amazed at how much God wants to teach us. He will use anything or anyone to convince us of some biblical truth. If you’re a parent, how humbling is it when God uses your children to teach us life lessons? As parents we must not shirk from this God-given duty of training up our children in the way they should go. But I must admit, it is my child that sometimes reminds me of God’s expectations.

It has been a tough year for our church as far as physical health is concerned. Surgeries, cancer, auto accidents, and other such challenges have given us much to pray about. Though my wife and I do our very best to pray individually for each need, we have deemed it important to share these same requests with our child during our family devotions. We don’t necessarily go into complete detail since she can’t necessarily grasp the meaning and it would worry her unnecessarily. So she simply prays, “Lord, help them to get better.”

Of course, the church is our family’s second home and the people of our church are family to us. A few times already, Anabelle has gone to our church members saying, “Are you feeling better? I pray for you.”

The other day she overheard one of her many church grandmas tell her daughter that she wasn’t feeling well. Right away, Anabelle prayed and asked the Lord to make grandma better then turned to her and asked, “You feel better now?”

Last week, my wife had a slight headache but Anabelle wanted to play with her. When Anabelle found out why mommy wasn’t playing with her, she quickly prayed then went to my wife and said, “You’re better now. Let’s play!” Though her motive in praying may not have been the purest, I was reminded of a simple truth.

God is never asleep or too busy to listen to our prayer. Sometimes we promise people we’ll be praying for them. May I ask you, what if that time never comes? God has commanded us to “pray without ceasing.” James teaches us that “we have not because we ask not.” Prayer should not be limited to certain times of the day. There’s a reason it’s called a “prayer life.” It should be interwoven into every fiber of our being!

So the next time someone comes with a need, when will you pray? Now or later? Later may never come.


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