A Piece Missed


It is common knowledge in our church that when you need something “handy” accomplished, I am not the person to call upon. Simple DIY (do-it-yourself) projects turn into hours of painful and sometimes humorous labor! I have been known to hang shelves that were not “level.” I simply choose to call it “artistic expression!”

I can still remember the first time I attempted to build something for our home. Amy and I had just been married a few short months and it was apparent she had no clue what my limitations were (I chuckled inwardly when her parents got me a box of tools the Christmas we got engaged). We ordered an entertainment center that will soon house our TV, VCR (remember those?), books, and some knick knacks.

Trying my best not to squander the new beginning I was given, I opened the box and went first to the instruction manual. As I pulled every piece out, carefully organizing them so as not to lose one piece, I quickly noticed- there’s no instruction manual! At this point, most men would look at the box, look at the pieces, and figure it out from there. Not me! I wasn’t in a hurry to leave the “honeymoon stage!”

So we called the store from which we purchase the furniture. They were very kind and told us that they could exchange it for us if we packed everything back in the box! Have you ever tried to repack a whole entertainment center back into its original box so that it can perfectly fit like it did when it shipped. I’ve already popped the bubble wrap!

I kindly declined and asked for another option. The manager said that I could call the furniture maker’s customer service line and see what they can do to help. And so I did.

The customer service agent was very helpful. She wanted to get us all the information right away so she asked, “What’s your fax number?” What? Did this nice customer service agent really think every home in America came equipped with a fax machine? I told her I had to call her back.

I then called Pastor and asked him if he happen to know anyone that had a fax machine or if I could use the one at church. That’s when I figured out that some people did have their homes equipped with a fax machine. I called the furniture company back and asked them to fax the instruction manual over to Pastor’s house.

Almost one hundred pages later (I’m not sure if that’s how long it was, it sure did feel that way) I was standing over the pieces that would soon become one nice entertainment center.

Many hours later, the entertainment center was up (not without its blemishes). Now we just needed a TV!

I think back about that time and I remember the impact a piece of paper had on my evening. It was a piece that was certainly missed!

May I ask you a question? Are you making such an impact in your family’s life and in your church’s life that if you were gone you would be missed? I’m not advocating self-promotion or non-discipleship. I am simply stating that as a part of the body, we have a purpose. And if we fail to meet that purpose, what does it do to the body?

Regardless how long you’ve been saved, you are an important part of your church body. Determine to be an impactful piece! Otherwise, you’ll have people like me standing over the pieces wondering, “What am I going to do now?” Much more can be accomplished for the cause of Christ if everyone would do their part! Are you doing your part?


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