A Code of Conduct

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself, “I should have known what to do,” or “I should have been more prepared?” Certain circumstances have a funny way of revealing to us our unpreparedness at times and depending on how we react to the moment, we may be doomed to experience the same event with the same consequences.

Three years ago, we established a sports program at Gateway Baptist Academy. Sports teaches lessons only partly taught in a classroom. Some of these lessons are time management, self-discipline, teamwork, and having a Christ-like response during the heat of battle. It’s hard to simulate that in a classroom!

If you are thinking starting a sports program for your school, do yourself a favor and establish at athletic code of conduct. Though we have an athletic handbook, the code of conduct is a condensed but complete version of all that we expect from our athletes, coaches, and fans. It summarizes in a few statements all the expectations and standards of our athletic program. There’s nothing wrong with condensing instructions if the purpose is engraining truth.

Remember when a lawyer came to Jesus and asked Him what’s the greatest of all the law? My mind would have gone to the Ten Commandments. How about the Levitical laws? Don’t forget about God’s holiness and all that entails. If you were to sit down and write down all the laws from Adam’s time to when Jesus was asked the question, it would take a while. And He was to choose from all that?

Jesus answers very simply, “Love God. Love others.” (that’s the Juan Zarate version). Upon these two, according to Jesus, hangs all the commandments. That’s a code of conduct! That’s easier to remember that the hundreds of commandments listed in the Old Testament and perhaps a few hundred more in the New Testament.

I share all that to ask this, do you have a code of conduct for yourself? For your family? Do you have some statements written down that outline how you are to carry out what you believe about God and His Word? Some would call it a purpose statement, family objectives, mission statement. Whatever you want to label it, each person should have a code they live by! I hope that it should go without saying that this code, statement, objective should be Bible-centered and Christ preeminent.

Children (and some adults) won’t necessarily know the chapter and verse of every command. They’re not necessarily aware of why God wants things done a certain way. But make no mistake, whether they know where the command is located or why God commands us to do it, Christians are accountable because we have the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be tossed about by every wind of doctrine or opinion of men. Let the Bible be your guide and develop for you and your family a code of conduct.

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