A Portrait of Faithfulness

Last Sunday, we had a special Sunday evening service at Desert Gateway Baptist Church. We had the privilege of honoring one of our missionaries, Ms. Muriel Wilson. For the past 60 years she has served in the country of Uruguay, teaching Christ and assisting local churches with any needs they may have. From teaching in a school to organizing ladies’ Bible studies and events, there’s not much she has not already done on the field. What a godly portrait of faithfulness!

In a day when most define success by what you have and who you have, Ms. Wilson has demonstrated that when you have Christ, He’s truly all we need. In a land filled with beauty she has strived to introduced the people to the Creator of these beauties. She has led many to Christ and has faithfully and joyfully served her Saviour.

To all the our single adults wondering if you can serve without a spouse, Ms. Wilson just proved that theory wrong! I wonder how many more people can be reached with the Gospel if Christians would simply let be content with God alone and leave the blessings to Him. Well, we don’t have to wonder, just look at Ms. Muriel Wilson’s life. By the way, as she received her award she simply said these words while pointing heavenward, “To God be the glory!”


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