Shake Well Before Use

After what seemed like a long but short summer, I am finally getting back into the routine of life. It seems like our family has been on the road all summer and though I had the privilege of traveling for a few summers while in college, it just wasn’t the same. Let’s face it, I’m getting old!

One of the areas of my life I needed to “reset” to normal was my eating habit. After the late night dinners, theme park food, and Food Network restaurant recommendations, it was time to get back to the wonderful world of salads and protein shakes. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice?

Because I am not a breakfast person, my trainer recommended protein shakes. The truth is when I think of breakfast, my mind pictures bacon, eggs, country potatoes, sausage, toast, pancakes, breakfast fried rice (okay, I lied- I’m totally a breakfast person!). But I just don’t want to put in all the effort to make such a magnificent feast for the belly that early in the morning. I’d rather get up and get going! Hence, the protein shake.

Of course, following the same logic above (get up and get going), making shakes in a blender wasn’t tickling my fancy. So as I was introduced to the shaker cup which by the way can also be used as a marinade mixer (quick tip to all- don’t use the same cup for mixing your protein drink and to marinade your meat; chocolate and mesquite just doesn’t taste good TOGETHER). All I have to do is put water or milk in the cup, add the scoop of protein mix, shake, and serve. Simple, fast, and delicious except…

If you know anything about protein powders, they don’t always dissolve as quickly and finely as they ought. You are oftentimes left with clumps of chocolate (sounds good in theory). You have to, as the instruction states, shake vigorously- insert mental picture here. But for the most part, it is a meal I can live with  and it is conducive to my busy lifestyle. Plus, it works! Eating well, which includes eating breakfast, has done wonders to my health. So shaking the cup well is a small price to pay for my physical well-being.

Likewise, our lives at times need to be “shaken vigorously” in order for us to be closer to the Lord. Think about it, when do you most fervently call out to Christ?

Life’s “shakings” are God’s way of reminding us that we need Him every hour. The shaking sometimes involves a purging, a settling, a molding and it’s all good! Remember Romans 8:28? “All things (not some things) work together for good to them that love (not like) God, to them who are called (another word for chosen) according to His (not our) purpose.”

Peter was shaken. So was Paul. John was too. The godly pastors and Christians we know have gone through these “shaking times.” And today we see them mightily used of God because they endured the trial and trusted God through it. They followed the directions clearly: shake well before use!


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