Theology In A Theme Park- Truth From A Toddler

One of the best moments of our summer vacation took place in San Diego, California. First of all, my wife and I absolutely love going to San Diego. The weather is a gazillion degrees cooler than Phoenix (okay, I’m slightly exaggerating) and there’s so much to do!

For the most part, our idea of a vacation is very simple and perhaps different from most families. Our lives are always on the go so when we’re on vacation, we stay away from the “on the go” mentality. We take more of a Doris Day approach, “Que sera, sera- whatever will be will be.” Go ahead and judge but I always come back refreshed and without regrets.

Though we just relax and lazily let the day bring what it chooses to bring, we do try to plan at least one big activity during our vacation.

With Anabelle entering her “Tornado Toddler” stage (you know what I mean? how can a child take a clean, picked up room and turn it upside down in a second?) we decided that she is ready for a trip to an amusement park. So being in San Diego, coupled with our daughter’s love for animals (especially “ishies”), we went to Sea World.

So the preparation was underway. We took a brochure from the hotel lobby and showed her the map, as if she can read it, and told her all the features of this theme park. We pulled up YouTube videos of the different shows at Sea World. Anabelle was getting excited. She wanted to go now!

When we got to Sea World the madness began. Mascots were walking around, food stands were everywhere, balloons to distract children, toys that are ten times the actual cost of the products. Oh yeah, here we go!

Because Sea World was home to Shamu, Anabelle started to look for this big “ishie” everywhere. The park was packed! Every show was full so we decided to go to the park’s playground on steroids. Do you know what I mean? It’s the same set up as what you have in your local mall or McDonald’s Playplace, only bigger! We paid $70 for this? You betcha!

After a while we visited the aquariums and let her ride Sea World’s version of Disneyland’s famous tea cups. Anabelle loved this ride so much that her and Amy rode it five times!

But the best moment took place on the last activity of the night- the Shamu Night Show. As this massive mammal swam out, jumped up, and laid itself on their makeshift stage my daughter screamed, “Shamu!”

As everyone clapped and hollered, my daughter kept pointing at this whale and said, “God made Shamu!”

Wow! Theology in a theme park? Absolutely! I’m thankful that while many children are being indoctrinated with the false theory of evolution, my daughter at age two realizes who made Shamu.

For a moment, I thanked God for my wife, who daily teaches her these truths as well as the many nursery caregivers, babysitters, grandparents, aunts, and friends who have helped embed this truth in Anabelle’s heart and by God’s grace, may it never depart. What a summer memory!


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