June Weddings

Why is it that so many people choose to get married in June? Some say it’s because of the weather (whoever said that wasn’t from Arizona!), some say it’s because the sun is out and it makes people happy (again, not from Arizona), while others contend that most get married soon after everyone is done with school- it’s summer vacation and more people can attend. Florists say that most flowers bloom around this time of the year which gives brides for of a selection.

After being married for over ten years, I contend that it does not matter when you get married. The act and blessing of the wedding itself is enough for me. I love being married and I love thinking back on those days leading up to and even after the wedding!

The Courtship

My wife and I have different accounts of this time, based on our paradigm. I enjoyed the “getting to know you” stage. Everyday was a new discovery, another confirmation that God has led us to each other.

I still remember the notes she would leave for me on my desk. I would read those notes over and over again. My students would sometimes laugh because of how “in love” I was!

I remember the times of serving the Lord together. My favorite was when we made a follow up visit on a family that came to our church because we had knocked on their door. I had the privilege of leading the mom and dad to Christ while Amy led their children to Christ in a separate room. There was the time when we served together teaching a high school speech class. Taking our teenagers out soul winning on Saturdays was always fun.

All these times were used of God to draw our hearts closer together as we drew closer to Him.

Do you remember what it was like when Christ, through the wooing of the Holy Spirit was courting you? Remember when you were first saved and you wanted to do everything you can to please Christ? These desires should not be removed because of the passing of time.

I am afraid that marriages, like our spiritual marriage to Christ, have been weakened because of familiarity. The effect should be opposite! The more I know about my wife, the more I love her. She’s not perfect (just look at her choice for a husband!) but she’s a gift from above. Likewise, the more you learn about Christ, the more you’ll love Him.

One great way to do this is to list every single thing Jesus does for you, big and small. You will be amazed at how much He loves you and it will cause you to love Him back!

The Wedding Day

My day wasn’t as stressful as most. I remember being so excited about the day. When the doors opened and I saw her dressed in white at the end of the aisle, I started to weep. I was hers and she was mine and we were both the Lord’s. What a day that was!

What a day that will be when our Jesus, our bridegroom comes to catch us away! Are you looking forward to that day like you did your wedding day? You should! In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, we will find ourselves in His presence. Wow!

The Honeymoon

When Amy and I were married, we found ourselves between ministries so we took full advantage of it. We were out for three and a half weeks! We simply basked in each other’s love and enjoyed each other’s company.

Our honeymoon with Christ- forever! For all of eternity we will worship Him for His goodness to us. I’m ready for it now. Are you?


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