You Have To Choose

Pastor Kurt Skelly once said, “Life is full of choices, some made for us and others made by us. And while we can’t always decide what happens to us, we always can decide how we react to what happens to us. Someone once said, Life is 5% what happens and 95% how we respond to what happens. I concur.”

As we study the Bible, we’ll find many examples of men, women, and children who made choices. But perhaps the most important choice we can study is in the life of a man, a father, who’s decision set the direction for his family. As a man, I am thankful for this passage and how it teaches me that God has and will continue to bless those who choose to stand up and serve Him. Who is this man? Joshua, the son of Nun!

Let the words of Joshua sink in for a moment, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” In this short statement, Joshua declares to all the people his family’s dedication, direction, and devotion. Oftentimes, the problem in most homes is that a simple declaration has not been made- the family possesses no purpose statement. Once again, this all begins with a choice! Notice with me some characteristics regarding Joshua’s choice.

It’s a Personal Choice

If you and I are going to follow God (and I mean, truly follow God), it must be of our own volition. A true follower of Christ is not forced to do it. He is not backed in a corner and left with no other choices. The choice is evident because his actions confirm it and his lifestyle announces it. Moreover, a true follower of Christ does not wait for others to make a similar decision and check current worship trends. He is willing to stand by his choice-  alone if need be. This is why Joshua proclaimed, “As for me…” It was a personal choice!

It’s a Parental Choice

When Amy and I adopted Anabelle over two years ago, many came to us and said, “Your life will never be the same again.” I thought to myself, “Duh!” Then many proceeded to inform us that some of our service will be limited because of the arrival of our child. At that point, my wife and I prayerfully begged God not to change our dedication, direction, and devotion. By His grace, we still want to be a home that serves.

Parents, don’t let your children decide or dictate your direction. God did not give them that authority! You are the parent, be one! Joshua did not consult with his children and as a matter of fact, he didn’t even consult his wife. As the God-ordained leader of His home, he chose to serve the Lord.

Many homes are floundering today because of indecisive parents, especially fathers. They wonder why God isn’t pleased. You have to say, “As for me and my house…” It’s a parental choice!

It’s a Purposeful Choice

Each choice has a consequence. Therefore, determine the consequence by choosing right! Joshua understood this when he purposed for himself and his family to serve the Lord.

May I ask you, what is your family’s purpose? Why do you exist? What consequences do you want to see in a few weeks, a few months, a few years from now? These questions can be answered today based on the purpose you fulfill. Make your life count! Joshua’s purposeful choice was to serve the Lord.

Is your home a home that serves? By the grace of God, you can make that choice today!


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