Don’t Throw It Away

Last Wednesday evening, I had the privilege of preaching for my friend, Pastor Michael Moffitt in Anthem, Arizona. I remember a few years ago when Pastor Moffitt and his wife came to our missions conference, they came with such a humble spirit and a willingness to be used of God to establish a Bible-believing church north of Phoenix.

Since then we have stayed in touch (as much as two ministry workers can). I’ve had the joy of preaching at Sun Valley Baptist Church multiple times since it started and it always thrills me to see what God is doing. Much like our church, it seemed that every time we had the opportunity to attend Sun Valley, something has changed because of the growth God has bestowed. It’s awesome!

The biggest change I noticed in the church when I was there this past week was their new baptistery area. Slightly elevated and fully functional, it was a exciting to know that they don’t have to go to anyone’s swimming pool anymore, they can baptize whenever they desire, and everyone in church can see what’s going on!

As I commented on this new fixture, the man leading the service told me, “That’s your church’s old baptistery!” I had forgotten that when we moved to our new property, we had reached out to their church and asked if they wanted it. Since then, they’ve obviously picked it up, made it clean, and have baptized many in it! As a matter of fact, the man who was working the sound booth that evening was the first one to get baptized in that new baptistery along with his family. Praise the Lord!

In a day and age when our cell phone is outdated as soon as we walk out the store, we have a tendency to forget that just because it’s old, it can no longer be used. We think that because it’s not the latest and greatest, we should just throw it away.

I am saddened to say that sometimes that’s how we treat people and sometimes that’s how we might feel. “Let the young people do it- they have more energy.” “They are more tech-savvy that me. I don’t have a place in this ministry.” “They are just too old- they can’t contribute to ministry.” What a pessimistic and unscriptural point of view!

As I study the Bible, I learn that God is attracted to my weakness. Because it is in this same weakness that He can show Himself strong and because it’s about Him, I can (and should) remain humble because His grace is sufficient.

How often we miss the blessings of God because we think, “I just can’t do that. I used to be good at it but others are so much better and I just need to move on.” Friend, you’ll experience times of brokeness and inadequacies. But God hasn’t benched you or placed you on the shelf. More importantly, He doesn’t throw you away! He still desires to use you if you will let Him.

We had a new baptistery and we no longer had a need for this one. But Sun Valley Baptist had other plans. Likewise, you may think that God is done with you because of what you’ve done or already accomplished. Friend, may I encourage you, get back to being used by God again!



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