Celebrating 17 Years

This past week, I came across a survey conducted by the Schaeffer Institute regarding the office of the pastor. It was a very eye-opening statistic that bore out numbers I frankly was not expecting simply because God has been good to me and my family by surrounding us with pastors that are an exception to this rule. The survey concluded that nationally, about 35-40% of pastors leave the ministry after 5 years. The institute claimed that over 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention in their churches. According to the study, 60-80% won’t even make it to their 10th year! That can be disheartening.

For the past 17 years, Pastor and Mrs. Leversee have served the Lord Jesus Christ in the east valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Leaving the comforts of a good ministry position and family in Waterloo, Iowa to follow the call of God to plant an independent, fundamental, soul winning Baptist church. In the day when most would rather take their ease and wait for the return of Christ, we have before us an example of how to effectively occupy until Jesus comes back for His children!

Did you know that we are privileged to have a pastor that, according to the Schaeffer Institute survey, is an exception to the rule? Not only has the Lord allowed Pastor Leversee to deliver over 3,500 Scripture filled messages just in our church alone, but He has allowed our pastor to model the very same messages he preaches. Not only does our pastor believe what he’s preaching- he lives it, too!

As a young preacher, Pastor Leversee has spent thousands of hours equipping and encouraging me to be a godlier servant leader. I will forever thank God for what Pastor and Mrs. Leversee mean to my wife and I.

Most pastors don’t even get the privilege of starting a church, much less stay with it for this long. What we have at Desert Gateway Baptist Church is special and we ought to daily praise and thank God for it!

Then take the time to show your appreciation and honor Pastor and Mrs. Leversee. It is biblical to do so! (See Hebrew 13, 1 Timothy 5)

How about you? What have you done to honor your pastor today? Whether he’s served 17 years or 17 days, know this- he and his wife are God’s gift to you and your church!



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