Then Jesus Came

Last weekend, our ministry presented a musical entitled Then Jesus Came. It turned out very well and everyone that came seem to enjoy it. People were blessed as they reflected back on the difference Jesus has made in their lives.

I must admit, I had a selfish purpose for selecting this musical. I stared at our church roster and found it difficult to cast the parts. Many were already heavily involved in the musical part of the program or in other ministries for that matter. The pastor’s part (which carried the most lines) was going to be a challenge to fill as we headed into the fall season of our church.

You see, back in the Christmas of 1999, I was Pastor Jeff Thompson for Liberty Baptist Church’s presentation of Then Jesus Came. So instead of bothering anyone else, I decided to take on the role myself. After all, I had memorized these lines before and I a sure they’re stored in some crevice within my brain- I just had to dig it out! It’s just like riding a bike, right?

As I prepared for the musical and rehearsed my lines, it came back quickly. However, God was simultaneously working in my heart. All of a sudden the time I spent preparing became a journey back into what God has done for me since Jesus came into my heart and got (as one of the lines in the musical goes) born over, too!

I want to share with you what happened in my life when Jesus came!

I Got Saved

That seems so obvious but think about it, how many people are living in the world today still waiting for their salvation. They toil all the day long for a hope-so salvation. Friend, I have a know-so salvation! That was all possible because Jesus came. Many religious leaders still lay in their tomb!

My Family Got Saved

The first thought I had after getting saved was that of my biological mother. She passed away when I was 8 years old and today she’s in Hell. There’s nothing I can do about that. But God worked in my immediate family’s lives and they, too have been saved. Praise God!

I Have A Reason For Living

I remember sitting in a Catholic church as a young man wondering, “We’re living for these statues? This is dumb!” But when Jesus came, not only did He pick me up from the miry clay; not only did He set me upon a Rock; He also established my goings! I don’t wake up in the morning wondering, “What or who am I living for?” That was settled when Jesus came into my life!

He Provided Me with Godly Leaders

I’m so thankful that when we get saved, God doesn’t just leave us out in the cold. He wants to make sure that we grow in His grace and knowledge. God allows us to cross paths with those who are willing to mentor us in the faith and I have had a great share of my great and godly influences. The Lord has allowed me the honor and privilege to learn from some of His choicest servants!

He Gave Me a Godly Wife and a Beautiful Child

If I would have stopped at the last point, or the first point for that matter, what God has done for me in His coming would be more than enough! But aren’t you amazed at how God keeps blessing us? We are so undeserving of His goodness and yet He continues to give to us blessings that exceed are expectations. I am blessed to have a wife that loves the Lord first. I am thankful to have a child who is so beautiful and healthy (and chatty, too). What more can I say but “God is good!”

These are just some that areas God has blessed me with because Jesus came! Why don’t you take a moment and list how your life changed when Jesus came? I promise you, it will make this Christmas a whole lot better than you can ever imagine!


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