Spending Time With Family

Don't I look innocent?

Has it ever occurred to you that most of the phrases we use in regards to time are erroneous? Phrases like “time saver,” “killing time,” “making time,” “getting time back” and my personal favorite, “time management” are all misnomers.

Time marches on, you can’t save it and use it later; you can’t kill it to make it stop; you can’t make it in order to have more; you can’t get it back no matter how hard you try; and you can’t manage it because there’s no way to control it. Time just keeps ticking away, at the same pace it always has- one second at a time.

I was reminded of this truth last Thursday night as my family and I set aside some time to decorate our Christmas tree.

Our Christmas tree has been up for over a week but because of the busyness of the season, I have been hardly home to help prepare our home for Christmas. Amy does not mind doing much of the decorating, but when it comes to the tree, it has always been a tradition of ours to crank up the Christmas music and together work on “prettying” up the tree. On top of it all, my Anabelle has been extremely clingy lately and when my wife added up the hours I have spent with them in the past few weeks, it broke my heart. Anabelle has started to say other specific words life “pretty,” “water,” and many others. I found myself saying words like, “I didn’t know she could do that!” I realize that I cannot be with my family every waking moment, but to miss chunks of milestones? Frankly, I don’t know how our military personnel handle the emotional (continued on page 4)

burden of being away from their families. I’m only three miles away and I have missed a lot.

Now, I am not complaining about the work of the ministry or the opportunity I have to serve the Lord in a greater capacity. I am simply saying what parents have echoed for many centuries, “Our children grow up so fast!” I can’t get back the time I missed, but I can better plan how to use my time with my Lord, my family, and my ministry. Doing so will keep me from feeling so guilty about the lack of time I have (which is the same amount we all have).

Know and List Your God-given Priorities

Seek ye first the kingdom of God… We often waste time running from activity to activity. This is caused because there is no order of priorities in our lives. Search the Scriptures and solidify your God-given priorities.

Make Sure That Everything On the Calendar is Tied To a God-given Priority

Teach us to number our days… Do not clutter your schedule with activities that pull you away from your priorities. If God blesses you with time to take part in activities outside of your priorities, praise the Lord! But do not leave the essential areas of your life undone.

Thank God For Each Moment- Good or Bad

In everything give thanks… I’m afraid that our ungratefulness often robs us of God’s blessings. Remember that every second is a gift from God- even if it only totals five minutes! Be thankful and maybe God will see fit to give you more.

Obey Every Impulse of the Holy Spirit

Walk in the Spirit… While it’s good to have a schedule, it is best to let the Holy Spirit dictate every step of our way. It may be that the Lord will allow you to accomplish your schedule, but there are times when He beckons us to a holy appointment. And if I may say, this appointment will not be found outside of our God-given priorities. As a matter of fact, the deviation from the schedule will serve to strengthen our priorities.

Before I left work last Thursday, I decided to turn off my cell phone. No emails, texts, or phone calls. That was the best gift according to my wife. I watched my daughter hang ornaments and later take them off. She’s growing so fast and I’m glad I’m here to enjoy it!

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