The Words I Love to Hear

A few weeks ago, I thought that Anabelle had learned to say the words I have longed to hear. It sounded like it. Her facial expression even matched it. And she gave me a kiss after she said it. However, she only mentioned it one time so Amy and I     dismissed it as something she understands but can not yet say.

Then the other day, she said it to me as I was leaving the house for work. When I got home, she still said it. She said it to me multiple times yesterday. And if I you would allow me to indulge in these moments, she has said it multiple times over the weekend.

I told my wife that hearing her call me (Daddy) was certainly an awesome parental experience I was looking forward to. But now, as she attaches the words “I love you” to my name– my heart just melts! She says, “I love you, Daddy,” then she gives me a kiss!

For months, we have worked at getting her to say those words. I can’t believe she says it now with such ease and expression. It truly is one of the great gifts of parenthood! For nineteen months we have expressed to her and told her that we love her, waiting for the day she can say and express it back. It’s finally here!

From the time we came into this world– as a matter of fact from eternity past– God has expressed His love through the Gift of His Son. Even as Adam plunged the whole human race into sin, God already made a way! And everyday, He manifests His love towards us by preserving and blessing us. There is no question, God love us! And we have the awesome opportunity to tell and show Him that we love Him, too. John writes that “we l love Him because He first loved us.” May I ask, when’s the last time you told God that you love Him? If as human beings we love hearing it, can you imagine how it must make God feel when He hears and knows we love Him? What a thought!


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