What Our Soccer Team Taught Me

Last Monday, our soccer team traveled northwest of our school to participate in a league tournament. Though the boys have won a few games this year, they were looking forward to getting a new start. The records were wiped clean and every team had a chance to win the championship! They have worked hard for this moment. They have eagerly anticipated this game.

After the opposing team scored a goal, our team fought hard to tie. Finally the goal came and score was tied! As Coach Orellana yelled instructions from the sideline and Coach Rabbito provided motivational statements like, “Win this possession,” while pumping his fist, the boys persevered. With only a few minutes left in the game, a foul was called on our team (on which player we will never know) which resulted in a penalty kick. This would end up being the winning goal and our GBA Lions fell 2-1.

When the final whistle blew, the boys were extremely disappointed! “We could have had it!” one of them exclaimed. Collectively, they battled and left everything on the field. Then I noticed some of them with tears in their eyes. They really wanted it! Their expectations weren’t met and it broke their heart. My heart broke for them. I wished I could help them get rid of the pain! Then I remembered 2 Corinthians 12:9.

When we fail at something we do for the Lord, do we feel the pain? Do we weep a little? Are we disappointed or do we just say “well, we tried” in a ho-hum manner?  I am afraid that sometimes we take spiritual defeat too casually. I learned a lesson from those boys that night– care enough about what you do and what you expect. And it’s okay to feel pain because Jesus can take that pain and turn it to strength by His grace! I’m not sure what will happen next season. But you can be rest assured, our GBA Lions will be better because of their right attitude towards their last defeat.

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