Grace for the Pace

I am excited about our new series “Grace for the Pace.” Often, I will hear Christians refer to their goals and aspirations– be it spiritual or otherwise. And as we dream about all the we can be for God, all of a sudden fear and doubt set in. Did I bite off more than I can chew? Could God possibly want me to do all this? Is someone else better capable to accomplish this task for God? On and on the questions go.

And yet, Jesus teaches us that as we pray we must ask God to “give us this day our daily bread.” We must go to God daily if we are to see that goal come to fruition. The Christian race is a daily race– there are no holidays or days off! And let’s just be honest, sometimes we get weary.

That’s where God’s grace comes in! Did you know that His grace can do more than just save us? His grace can also sustain us, support us, and strengthen us! Thank you, Lord!

In the next few months, we will learn more about God’s grace, not as a license to meet the needs of our flesh. But rather to give us the opportunity to love and serve God and others.

Purpose in your heart to be a part of each lesson. I know that this is a series that can change our lives by understanding that with God’s grace, the impossible is within our grasp. Pray for understanding and an open heart. Then let go and let God do His work!

I want to thank Dr. Paul Chappell, Bro. Cary Schmidt, and all the authors and staff at Striving Together Publications. The quality material you provide for local churches are saturated with Scripture, aesthetically appealing, and purposely profitable. They have been used of God to help me personally and within my ministry. If you are reading this and you have yet to take advantage of the products of Striving Together Publications, click here. You will be glad you did!


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