How Important Is the Bible To You?

Every week, our leadership staff meets to discuss the activities, plans, and people of the church. We share prayer requests, develop procedures, and encourage each other in the work of the ministry. Often we leave recharged with the vision God has given our Pastor.

Last Tuesday was just another staff meeting when our Missions Pastor, Dr. Ron Brewer, showed us a little wooden box. Within the box was a little book two inches wide as it was long. It was an excerpt from the Bible, the book of Mark, in the Russian language. Dr. Brewer explained to us that Christians many years ago would have these “mini-Bibles” and read them over and over again since they were not legally allowed to have a copy of the Scriptures. If they were caught with these, they would suffer great persecution and possibly face death. Their instructions were, if caught, to eat their copy of the Scriptures.

As Americans we are so blessed. A recent survey showed that the average “Christian” family owned at least three copies of the Bible in their home. And yet, a majority of them don’t even read it on a regular basis. I watch people, both young and old, irreverently cast their Bibles on the floor or carry them like they would any other object. As a matter of fact, they would carry a loaf of bread with more care than they do the very Words of God! Which begs the question, how important are the Scriptures to you?

The Bible is profitable- it’s our light, our guide, our manual, our map, and compass; it reveals to us the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers. So once again I ask you, how important is the Bible to you?


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