Where’s My Mommy?

“Where’s my Mommy,” were Anabelle’s first words as we drove away from the parking lot at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Amy was headed to a ladies’ retreat while Anabelle and I were headed home. It was a good ride home as she just watched the vehicles that passed by (or we passed).

When we got home, Anabelle proceeded to go around the house, searching for her Mommy. She went into our bedroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, both bathrooms before she came back to where I was and asked once again, “Where’s my Mommy?”

Most of my 18 month old daughter’s vocabulary is still developing. But she has been very clear with the words “Mommy” and “Daddy” for a while. So when she kept asking me the question (whenever we got home, when she woke up from her nap, etc.), I understood completely what she was asking! After asking the third time, things started to get a little rough– the tears from her beautiful brown eyes started to fall.

It amazed me how much a child yearns for her mother! Amy tells me she does the same thing when I go to work. Why is it as Christians we do not yearn for God in the same manner? We get caught up in the cares of this world that our time with God sometimes becomes an afterthought. It disturbed my baby that Mommy wasn’t around; does it disturb us when we cannot feel the presence of God? May we, as the Psalmist, allow our soul to desire after God. After all, He wants to walk with us- so don’t hide behind the bush of this world. Jump out and run towards the arms of God; it’s the best place to be!


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