Making a Difference

This weekend we’ll finish our series on “Making a  Difference.” I have learned much through the lives of those who followed Christ in the first century– their devotion to the Lord, their determination to serve others, and their dedication to spread the Gospel to all the world.

When we look at today’s Christian climate, many are seeking to improve on the church’s image, itinerary, and inclinations. Is this not God’s church? And if it His, should not His way, His will, and His work be good enough for us? And yet there are those that seek to catapult their churches “into the 21st century!” Stop wanting to be a “21st Century Church;” we ought to strive to be a “First Century Church!” The early church cared about the Saviour and souls more than themselves. Their convictions stood the test of persecution and God blessed. They prayed to Almighty God for power, not for their own sinful agenda, but for the propagation of the Gospel– and God granted it to them. The First Century church was a powerful church, the 21st Century church is powerless!

Friend, we have learned much. May we not let the lessons of this series sit on the shelf. May we allow the Lord to make them part and parcel of our everyday life. May the characteristics of these great men and women of faith be woven into the very fiber of our beings. And with God’s grace and help, may we each make a difference daily in the lives of others. After all, we shine as lights so that they may see the Father. 


If you are looking for curriculum that biblically teaches and preaches to the heart, go to If you just want lessons that will get you an “Amen” from your class, look elsewhere. God has grown our class spiritually through these tried and tested materials. Thank you, Bro. Chistoson for your work on this curriculum.


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