Are You Excited?

This week marked the beginning of “official” work for all of our school teachers. It was a joy to spend some time with them and discuss certain goals and expectations we have this year. We have spent time training and going over sessions that will help us with our ministry duties. We have also laughed a lot. Inevitably, in any size team, someone has got to share some funny stories! I truly believe I am laboring with the best faculty in the world!

As we were in the middle of our session on Thursday, our Pastor knocked on our door and said the words every school teacher and administrator loves to hear, “The books are here!” It does not matter how early we place our orders, somehow the books never come when we would desire for them to come. Nonetheless, this was earlier than usual and we were all excited! I quickly finished the session and we headed back to the property to begin the inventory process.

While we were sorting the books, double-checking the packing list, and boxing them up for teacher pick-up, there was an obvious enthusiasm present. We were all definitely thrilled that the books are here!

Then I thought, we get so excited about school books coming in, what about God’s Book? Do we get as excited about the Word of God when we study it? Are we as enthusiastic about getting into the Bible during our devotional times? Did not the Psalmist say, “for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name”? It’s time we make sure that we not simply approach the Scriptures daily but we must do so with the right attitude and excitement!


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