The Blessings of Missions

Today is Missions Emphasis Sunday here at Desert Gateway Baptist Church. I am thankful to be a part of a church that seeks to accomplish the Great Commission completely. I pray that you would allow the Lord to speak to your heart about what He can do through you in the matter of reaching every creature with the Gospel.

As a young man growing up in the Philippines, I know first-hand the way God uses missionaries. The first time someone ever shared with me the Gospel was when I was a student in a private Catholic school. My classmate was reached by missionaries with the Gospel and he had accepted Christ. Now he was telling everyone, in a Catholic school, what we all must do to be saved. In hindsight, that was awesome! But as a teenager, I had no interest at the time. But God used that seed to soften my heart so that the next time I heard the salvation message (which was a few months later) I got saved!

Now, I am not sure who gave to the missionaries that God used to reach my classmate. I will never know this side of Heaven the sacrifices this missionary or his family willingly gave to be foreign ambassadors for Christ. But in some indirect way, I was affected and today I’m gloriously saved! May I encourage you, support missions by praying, giving, or going? Just imagine how many future servants of Christ may be reached because of your obedience. What a blessing!


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