The Work Must Go On

Last Thursday, my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary! I know in comparison to some, that may not mean much but as for us, we truly are thankful for what God has done in our lives.

Of course, last Thursday we had VBS in the morning and Amy had a ladies’ meeting in the evening. Someone asked, “Aren’t you sad that you can’t celebrate your anniversary alone?” Without hesitation I answered, “No.”

Before Amy and I got married, we had fully surrendered our lives for the Lord’s service– wherever and whenever. We have yet to have an anniversary when there was not some sort of church activity or ministry duty that needed to be accomplished. And honestly, it does not bother us. We are living within God’s calling!

It is sad that at times we let personal milestones get in the way of our work for God. Don’t get me wrong, if our anniversary falls on a day when nothing is going on– we’ll take it! But if not, our anniversary is not any less valuable. God has always allowed us to celebrate far better than we deserve. After all, was it not God Who has lovingly given to us our spouse? Seek Him first and all will be well.


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