Acting Like Dad

My Dad and I

When I think of all my father does,

I can’t help but be thankful because

Not all sons are blessed to have a Dad

That sticks with them through good and bad.


I have not been the easiest child,

I guess you can say I was a little wild!

Yet my Dad continued to love me so,

Providing direction, a good way to go.


 I’ve tried to change my life and be a better son.

God has transformed me so that I can run

A better race that will please my Dad

And will make my Heavenly Father glad.


I’ve tried to thank my Dad in different ways.

Not just by email, phone calls, and special days.

The good name he gave me is now being spent

To try to make in Christianity a historical dent!


But yet, to me, it does not seem enough

To simply live a life and stay by the stuff.

I asked the Lord to give me direction

On how to gratefully show my appreciation.


Then it was as if God just opened my eyes.

Right before me was the answer- kiddie-sized!

My Anabelle was again a vessel to be used

To thank my Dad for all the years of abuse.


If I could only be half the father my Dad was to me;

If I could provide for my family, as did He;

If I could serve and sacrifice with a seeming ease;

If I could teach my daughter to say, “please.”


If I could sacrifice in the way he did;

If I could at times act like a kid;

If I could take the time to slow down

So I could take my family out of town.


If I could provide my child with Christian education

Ensuring they would possess a biblical foundation.

If I could lead my family to actively serve and live

For Christ and His church, to love and forgive.


These attributes and so much more

Are what has been driven to my core.

So when I laugh like or act a bit like my Dad,

It actually makes me smile and very glad.


I hope that by acting like Dad he would see,

How much he really means to me.

For the more I become like him each day

Will help his grandchildren along the way.


So Dad thank you, in a roundabout way,

For turning me into what I am today.

Thank you for your guidance and love

Which you always received from above!


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