My Sister’s Graduation

Andrea's Graduation Night

Our family with the graduate.

Our family headed up to the cooler northwest this week to attend my sister, Andrea’s high school graduation. After enduring temperatures well over 105 degrees in Arizona, this trip was a welcomed experience!

As always, when we come home, everyone works at clearing their schedules. Dad was the worst at it! He had to go to the hospital to get his doctor’s note so that he could stay home with his grandchild. Every moment is spent trying to catch up and making new memories.

Finally, the event came. Graduation night was last Thursday evening. My parents’ prayers, preparations, and sacrifices are about to pay off. For over 13 years, they have provided a solid, Christian education for my sister. They both worked while maintaining an active life at their local church. As Andrea walked across the platform, you can hear and see school leaders she passed by say, “Good job. I’m proud of you.”

For the past four years at Bellevue Christian School, she maintained a good testimony, had good grades, participated heavily in the music program, and was part of some of the sports teams. As I watched teacher after teacher congratulate her, it was obvious that she was not just another student- she did not settle for status quo. And at that moment, I must admit, I was very proud her. It was then I was challenged with a thought.

How often do I just assume that my service for the Lord is “good enough?” How many times have I just simply gone through the motions or trusted my great training? And in so doing, how many blessings have I missed? How many lives remain unchanged? How many souls are still lost? All because I was content with status quo.

As Christians, God commands us that “whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.” Paul tells the Ephesians that we ought to serve God “not as menpleasers” but as servants of God. He continues on to say that we ought to do “the will of God.” How many times have we served our will? We steamrolled others with our way. And all along, we are moving further and further away from what would make God proud of us.

Now make no mistake, our worth to God is not found in our works. Someone once said it this way, “Our worth is in our birth.” If you are a Christian and you know Christ, we are made worthy because of the blood of Christ! We are justified and God sees us as valuable. But there is the matter of rewards- the same rewards we will cast down at Jesus’ feet. These can only be earned as we faithfully serve God. Then, when life is over, we can hear (Lord willing) the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

I know that I will never be able to repay the debt I owe to the Lord Jesus Christ- not in this life nor for all eternity. But that does not mean I am not going to give anything at all! I want Him to know that I am grateful for all that He has done. So that when my “graduation” day comes, may God say, “I’m proud of you!”


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