Paperwork Swap

I read an article on USA Today about two  unaccompanied minors flying across the country. Typically this is not a problem, I have flown as an unaccompanied minor before. However, there was one slight problem– the two minors did not arrive at their chosen destination! The two minors, travelling separately ended up at each other’s destinations, one in Boston and the other in Cleveland.

Upon further investigation, the airline workers realized that before the minors got on the plane, the gate attendants did not check the children’s paperwork to make sure it matched the passenger. The airline representative called it a “paperwork swap.”

I thought about that incident and wondered, how often the world    may mistake our identity because our lives do not match our “paperwork,” the Word of God. The Bible gives us very clear direction when it comes to our appearance, actions, and attitudes. What’s even more amazing is that the world knows exactly how we’re supposed to be. And yet, Christians make excuse after excuse for why they ought not obey the Word of God. And we wonder how we end up in some of the weirdest places?

Next time, just trust and obey God’s Paperwork. Then you’ll find yourself exactly where God intends for you to be!



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