Have a Super Summer

The term “lazy days of summer” did not come about by accident. There is something about this time of the year that causes us to kick back and relax. Don’t get me wrong– I love vacations and can certainly use it from time to time. Even Jesus Himself took a break from the crowds! But I think sometimes, if we are not careful, we can take the attitude of summer into our spiritual lives. Let me explain.

 Because the kids are not in school, the schedule is a little bit more open, you may not have to get up as early (or at least get a lot of things done in the morning), there’s a tendency to simply point towards all the extra time. And extra time means more activity. In the process of “more activity,” the time with God or God’s work is lost. Have you ever been tired after a vacation? That fatigue affects your personal and public ministry!

One of the best ways to combat this “summer slump” is to stay on schedule. Definitely take a vacation. Spend more time with your children. Have a picnic. Do all that you cannot do during the school year– but schedule it! And in the schedule, be sure that you carve out time for your personal devotions and ministry duties. Remember, God and His work should not be given left over time. Seek Him first and watch God give you the greatest summer ever!

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