Our Home’s Hero

For all that she does she receives no pay;

Time for herself is lost throughout the day.

From sun up to sun down her day is a race

To provide for her family a loving place.

Yet in the forefront is often the Dad

For his bread-winning ways we’re glad.

The children have their moments, too,

When everyone goes “ah” and “ooh.”

In the background Mom is content

For it never has been any of her intent

To take any glory, credit, or praise

For the many times God blessed their ways.

Mom simply thanks God for His working.

From her responsibility she’s not shirking.

That is why today we want to pay tribute

To the one who really contributes

A great deal to making a family function,

Her love for her family is a holy unction.

On this Mother’s Day, we want you to know,

That Mom, you truly are our home’s hero!


One thought on “Our Home’s Hero

  1. That was so touching! What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it ! Hope Amy’s Mommy’s Day was wonderful. She is truly a wonderful mom!

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